Merkx Design Sdn. Bhd. is a company, which offers a professional and comprehensive range of exterior architecture design, interior design, renovation works and services on any different types of the building design and decoration.

Merkx Design Sdn. Bhd. specializes in designing and producing the architecture and interior design of all types of style and concept.

Recently, Merkx Design Sdn. Bhd. have expanded our range services to include the residential design, commercial design which are the office and factory design, retail design and as well as construction works and design consultant works.


Merkx Design Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2003. The three owners of the business, the Lau brothers & Mr. Chiam Chun-Jen invested their life savings to begin to build a dream of having their own business in the competitive world of interior architecture & design field.

Equipped with only some experience from a short working stint in a renovation company, the Lau brothers & Mr. Chiam Chun-Jen set out to build their own company and business, putting in a lot of hard work and extra time as well as effort. The business went through difficult times in the beginning, with a head count of only two employers and one employee, it was all the more difficult as they were clearly understaffed.

Venturing into the uncertain world of business, they persevered and eventually concentrated most of their work in the residential & commercial design. Gradually, they started to build up a string of clienteles and are fortunate to gain their client’s loyal support as well.

Today, the business stands proudly in the form of a factory in a light industrial park in Juru. The directors and owners of Merx Design believe there is still much to be achieved for the business, as there will always be room for expansion as well as improvement. As the new millennium brings new challenges and opportunities, Merkx Design will eagerly prepare and take on the changing trends and markets that have made the interior & achitecture industry so challenging and competitive.


Merkx Design management and staff are nurtured upon the philosophy that the dedicated pursuit of excellence base on teamwork, tolerance and individual skills management is vital in producing and manufacturing quality products.

Achieving zero defects, in all the products is perceived as a company’s success in its ability to implement a well-planned strategy and system thus enabling the company to produce such high quality goods. Therefore at Merkx Design, the management and staff works hand in hand, each one a vital link in the process of achieving zero defects in all our products. The challenge for us then lies in producing the best possible quality goods to our valued customers and to maintain the quality check at all times.

By sharing the various skills acquired by the management with the staffs, we have been able to maintain a level of consistency in our products. Investing in staff training has also increased the quality of our products although Merkx Design is always geared for more improvement, even if after we have achieved zero defects in all our goods.


Factory / Design Studio
Location : Taman Perindustrian Ringan Juru
Land Area : 8500sq ft
Covered Area : 6500sq ft


The ability to mobilize material and equipment for the setting up of temporary construction facilities (fabrication yard) at site within a short period of time so as to facilitate the fabrication of items which may be uneconomical and/or impossible to transport.


• Interior design
• Furniture design
• Landscape design
• Concept planning
• Concept presentation
• Design consultants
• Renovation works
• Tendering documentation
• 3- Dimensional presentation
• AutoCAD design details drawings